Anxiety + stress is a b****

I had quite a night. E fell pretty hard off her bed into a nightstand and then face first on to the hardwood. Which led to an ER visit and now headed to a dentist. She’s somewhat ok & thankfully didn’t have a concussion.

If you’re a parent, you know how much it sucks to see your baby hurt. When there’s so much blood and you can’t tell where it’s coming from. Add anxiety & a child that hates going to the doctor…

All I wanted this morning was junk food. I was seriously going back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room, sweeping, picking up, just trying not to think about those leftover pies…

So I made my chocolate superfood smoothie really thick today(like ice-cream) with frozen bananas and had a handful of grapes. I know that if I had given in to stress eating, I would feel like crap the entire day.

Getting over emotional eating is hard. It takes will power and knowing your deep why.

As always, I’m here if you need help & support.