No, I’m not pregnant, silly people.

I’ve kind of vague-booked before that I made a big goal for myself and my family, but I’ve shared what that is with only a few people. I am ready to tell the world because I have set fear aside (mostly, that’s what personal development is for :)) and know that when I really put myself out there and tell you all my goal, it will happen. I have set in motion the foundation and am working hard to reach it.

So what is it? Well, you need a little back story for those that don’t follow my husband on social media. My husband has been the sole money maker in the family for the past few years, putting aside his love of writing and scuba diving so that he can provide for us. Last year, he set his mind on publishing a book and he did! Seeing his face light up and the excitement of doing something he loves has given me the ultimate goal: by this time next year, I will retire my husband. 🙂 I am going to help a shit ton of people get their health on track and help them have financial freedom. All while helping my family and allowing us to lead the life we desire: working from home, writing, traveling (& scuba diving), whatever we want to do!

I still can’t believe that this is going to be my life! All because I love this community of like minded go getters that have a passion for health & fitness. Moms just like me that want more for themselves and their family.

I digress, so there it is. Austin and I have been a wonderful team as partners & parents and are adding business partners to that list. 🙂