Honesty time: I LOVE my girls and the fact that I am lucky enough to stay home with them. However, I felt like there was just more I needed to do. I was brought up to be independent, and from the time I could, I worked, so that I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone. It was so hard for me to let that part of myself go after I had my first child, but daycare is too expensive and I didn’t want to miss you on those precious first years. I mean, who would regret that? But, I started losing myself and I forgot about taking care of a very important person…me!
So I joined this fabulous group of like minded people and I got fit & healthy. Because, as a mom, being happy and healthy makes you a better parent! I started helping others with their goals, and the feeling you get when they reach their potential and are happy…it’s just exhilarating! And not only that, I am contributing to our income again by doing something I love, while staying home with my kiddos and that feels pretty great too! 🙂 Looking forward to this year and going to Cancun this year with my team!

“We create the reality in which we live.” – James Turrell