***Warning! Long sappy post alert!***

Today was a very special day! I took Emma to check out a Montessori school that I’ve wanted to enroll her in. I know, that may not sound so special, but here’s the best part: I am paying for it with my paycheck from ONE week! Me! If I were not a Beachbody coach, this would not be happening right now. It’s the honest truth. Like everyone else, we have undergrad & grad school loans to pay, along with the everyday stuff & 3 kids. So the fact that I can do this and pay down our debt is pretty freaking awesome! I am doing this for my family! Some days, I still can’t believe that I am able to once again contribute to my family financially in a substantial way.

As I have told you all before, my reason for coaching is because I honestly love doing it and I have always loved helping others. Having someone reach a goal and come back to tell you that it was because YOU inspired them…that’s an amazing feeling! The fact that I can do that AND help myself and my family at the same time, unbelievably awesome. <3 <3